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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the list of patients to call?
We access your marketing material or recall lists through your practice management software. If you do not use practice management software we can use your old patient lists or practice calendars. If your office does not set the recall dates we simply go by the date of last exam. A patient is only ever contacted after their history is checked in the system and it has been determined that they are eligible for an exam. This ensures that there is no risk of excessively contacting your patients as well as saving you time and money.
How do you access my system?
If you use web based practice management software (for example, Revolution EHR), we would request a login and password. If you do not, National Recalls remotely accesses your practice management software through a designated computer in your office. This allows us to schedule patients and work within your system as if we were right there in the office next to you. Everything done within your computer system is accompanied by a time, date and the initials "NR" (for National Recalls) so you can see what we've done: you can even watch us on your computer while we work!
Are you HIPAA certified?
Every employee is required to hold a HIPAA certification before commencing work with us.
Which practice management software are you familiar with?
We are proud to say that we are familiar with nearly all practice management software available on the market. This includes Officemate, Revolution EHR, MaximEyes, etc. We also keep up to date with the latest practice management software as it is released.
Is there a contract? Am I contracted for a certain amount of time?
There is no contract for a set period of time; there is only an agreement that specifies rates and times of the week during which we will work on your account.
How are you able to know the specifics of my office? I.e how we schedule, where we are located, etc.?
During the setup process, your office will fill out a questionnaire covering the details we require: these include scheduling specifications and landmarks around your office (for reference when speaking to patients) etc. Anything of importance not listed on the questionnaire is taken down in writing and included in our internal file on your office that we consult when making calls on your behalf.
How do you schedule appointments for us?
When accessing your computer remotely, we are able to schedule appointments within your existing practice management software.
How do we know how many appointments you have scheduled?

Aside from your schedule being noticeably fuller, reports are generated which list every patient contacted and the outcome of that call. These are sent to your office each week so you can monitor our progress. The reports also enable you to assess several key issues around your practice such as the best times/days to contact your patients, or to find out why patients have gone elsewhere, to name but a few benefits. Give us a call for an example report!

How can we tell how much return we are making on our investment?
Each report lists the number of appointments scheduled, the total revenue generated from those appointments, the amount paid out to National Recalls to generate those appointments, and your net revenue from using our services. You will be the judge of our effectiveness!


National Recalls is a Los Angeles based administrative services company specializing in the medical industry. Our strength lies in combining our vast experience in customer care with the knowledge of what it takes for a practice to run.

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