• Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    National Recalls is equipped to conduct Patient Satisfaction Surveys as a third party to your patients. This includes a list of questions about the patient's experience during their last visit. The outcome of each question and any additional comments are then compiled into a summary which is sent to the office and calculates your office's "Net Promoter Score." This information can be useful internally or for compliance with any associations or clubs which may require this information to be actively collected and maintained.

  • Daily Confirmation Calls

    We will call each of your patients 24 to 48 hours before their scheduled appointment to remind them of their appointment time. We will then either confirm or, if need be, reschedule. This eliminates the risk of no shows.

  • Pre-Appointment Reminder Calls

    If your office makes use of pre-appointments for scheduling annual exams, we will call each pre-appointment 1-3 weeks ahead of time to confirm the time and date that was selected a year ago will still work with the patient's schedule. Because the appointment was created a year ago, it is necessary to call these patients further ahead of time than a normal confirmation and either confirm or reschedule if need be. We will then try any patients we were unable to get a hold of once more as the appointment date approaches. This reduces the risk of no-shows and allows the opportunity for the patient to reschedule should they need to.

  • Patient Reactivations

    Much like Patient Recalls, our Patient Reactivation system is designed to recall your patients by mining your database for patients who have not been seen in as many as 2 to 10 years previous. The appointments scheduled from these recall lists tend to generate more revenue per appointment due to a higher need for additional testing, new materials, and a greater possibility for follow up appointments. In addition to generating more revenue per appointment, the information gathered from these calls has been proven to be very useful for offices including reasons for going elsewhere (pricing, staff, location, etc.), wrong numbers, wrong addresses, and patients who should be marked as inactive.

  • Patient Recalls

    Our unique recall system ensures that we call your patients to schedule their appointments a month or so before they are due for their annual checkup. This leaves your staff free to devote their time to existing patients. When done efficiently, recalls provide a fuller schedule and generate revenue..

  • Incoming Call Relief

    Going to lunch? Important meeting? Don't send your patients to voicemail. Forward your incoming calls to us and your quality customer service will never skip a beat. We will gladly answer your incoming calls in any manner you desire.

Best recall system

Rigorous Training, Manuals, Scripts and Systems.

The infrastructure and foundation of National Recalls is second to none in the industry. National Recalls has checks and balances for every aspect of the business from the scheduling to the workflow all the way down to how our notes are written. The company's systems and processes have been developed and tested over time. Our method of doing things is advanced and in depth and because of that we hold the spot as the number one recall company in terms of quality of service and industry know-how.

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With National Recalls, your office will receive a complete overview of all work done throughout the month including copies of the actual lists, a breakdown of appointments scheduled, the return on investment and capture rate.

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Who We Are

We provide quality services to you and your patients by creating an outlet for your office that handles a variety of tasks from appointment scheduling, daily confirmations and soft collections to insurance verification and incoming phone call relief. Using our services enables your staff to focus fully on the patients who are actually in the office, making them happier and creating more efficient appointments

Who we are


National Recalls is a Los Angeles based administrative services company specializing in the medical industry. Our strength lies in combining our vast experience in customer care with the knowledge of what it takes for a practice to run.

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